What would happen if the Nokia 928

I was just thinking. What would happen if the Nokia reveals that the Nokia 928 was running stock android.


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What would happen? Would it be a blow up in the mainstream world and be a hit? Would Nokia sales start to rise? Would Elop's position be stable?

Or would it be a big time flop. Would people see it as Nokia trying to boat a ship that has sailed? Too late? And bye bye Elop?

It's similar to Vlad Savov's article some time back, but this would be a new launch and Nokia could go FULL OUT with marketing and advertisement.

After all, this device will have everything everyone has always wanted (That other OEMs have skimmed on)


  • Good design and build quality (S4 con)
  • Stock Android (Little to no bloatware, Sense & TouchWiz)
  • GREAT Camera (HTC One con; Pureview>UltraPixel)
  • Great Display


  • (If there are any, I fail to see them. It just doesn't skimp on anything)
This phone will have more selling points than any phone out there and would be running the best OS (IMHO) out there. Not to hate on WP but the only selling points (thats different) there is the Modern UI. Its functionality (or lack there of) and learning curve is (IMHO, again) what's holding Nokia from selling well.
Its funny. Such a different world it would be if Nokia use Android on the 928 and its takes just one decision.

Not exactly a Nokia 928 but an example of Android on Nokia.


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