Sony VAIO Fit Series

I feel like there's a good summer ahead since I'm looking to upgrade my laptop. And in timely fashion Sony kicked of the summer line of laptops. And it look GOOD.



Planning to get the Fit 15 cause its packing some really impressive specs at its price

  • 1080p Full HD
  • Hybrid Drive (8Gb SSD)
  • Good graphics options
  • NFC (Something I've wanted so I could pair my phone and laptop)
  • $700 price tag
Sounds like a bargain to me.


My new must have feature in a laptop is a DURABLE HINGE. I've found that Toshiba is never to be trusted in that department and I just wanted to know what your experiences have been with VAIOs.
Also if I can give some suggestions on laptops and if you could tell the laptops you guys use that would be great. So long as it can run Creative Suite (R.I.P), a few games (not to intensive) and is not too expensive please let me know.