Alt. iOS browsers

Hi -- I'm considering a switch from Android to iPhone 5. I've spent some time w/iOS "on the side" recently, getting familiar with the differences. The biggest thing putting me off at this point are browser drawbacks I've found in both Safari and Chrome on the iPhone:

(a) Can't seem to adjust font size (I want to make the text bigger, when reading "mobile" pages in which column is fixed you can't pinch/zoom); and

(b) The inertial scrolling in both iPhone browsers is really slow and "draggy," compared with the strong, fluid scrolling found elsewhere on the phone (and in the browsers when used on iPad / Android). This page describes it better than I can; I've found a few other discussions, as well. It makes scrolling down an article really tedious.

I'm aware there are other browsers available for iOS -- can someone recommend a good one that addresses both these issues? (Apologies if there's already been an iOS browser thread; I tried searching but couldn't seem to pull it off.) Thanks.