Is Android Gaming on a TV really wanted?

Okay, Ouya, Gamestick and now Bluestacks' Gamepop Android based consoles for the TV are coming out soon. Personally I dont see the appeal, and I cant understand these products. Are there genuinely people out there who would power on the console, turn on the tv just for a 30 second game of Jetpack Joyride or something similar? I know there are games like Shadowgun that are more suited towards TVs and controllers, and there might be a market for that, but these are aimed at serious gamers who would probably have more of a fun time playing a similar game on xbox, ps3 or pc that is much more developed, with more time and thought invested in and much more fulfilling to play? I mean half these games are designed for touch screens now? Until we really see developers making games with these consoles in mind, porting mobile games just doesn't seem enough.

I realise these android consoles are cheap, but I honestly cant see them being a good investment. The only reason I can see one being useful for is a great way to play retro games emulated without the hassle of hooking up your laptop to the tv, and keeping it all in one box.

Is there seriously a market for these short playtime mobile designed games on the TV?