Transferring Creative Suite 5 + Updating. Doable?

So I'm currently in a bit of a sticky situation.

Right now, I have a 2010 MBP 13 (10.6.8) which was provided to me with legitimate copies of Adobe CS5 goodies as well as Office 2011. After summer, I would be switching to a 2013 MBA 13.

Heres the problem: I'm in dire need of a new computer for photo editing and I will not be albe to pony up the cost of Creative Cloud or CS6. That's why I either want to do:

a) Transfer CS5 + Office 2011 to 2013 MBA 13.

b) Transfer CS5 + Office 2011 to (insert another Apple computer)

or c) Transfer CS5 + Office 2011 to a Hackintosh.

So are any of these things doable? being able to "dupe" the software onto your other computers that run the newest version of OSX? Or would I have to copy the whole HDD contents and start from there?

Should the transfer be successful, the MBP would be wiped to serve a new life.