Let's re-evaluate Windows RT performance

Early reviews of the Surface RT and other RT devices (such as the Vivotab RT) pointed out that there were performance issues with the OS.

Now, about half a year and many OS updates later, I think we should re-evaluate the performance of Windows RT.

I have owned and used a Surface RT since day one, and these are my impressions: I must say that I didn't find performance to be a big issue when I first used the device. Currently Performance is generally good, and it varies from app to app. The start Screen, the charms and switching apps are absolutely fluid, as well as many apps (OneNote, Bing search, Calendar, even Office apps, and many third party apps). Some are annoyingly slow (Music, Store, People app... these are the apps with the highest rate of failures and crashes as well). Almost all apps load in 1 to 3 seconds, which is absolutely acceptable. Having multiple apps running in the Background never seems to slow things down in a noticable way. The most obvious and annoying lag issues are with IE tabs (Metro Version) - closing a tab can take ages.

So my General Impression is that performance is not a general issue with Windows RT (any more), and that existing lag seems to be due to app design (see Music app and Windows Store). If Managing IE tabs was not so laggy, using the Surface RT would be an overall "fast and fluid" experience.

Please share your impressions!