This is how I use Windows 8 - A Post dedicated to Windows Haters all round the world

First I would like to admit that I am very disappointed with the Verge's Forum Post creation screen because I could not post any pictures of my Windows 8 for the post. That is simply because I could not figure out how to do it! Also, I would like to admit that English is not my first language

Now coming back to the main topic. I use Sony VAIO SV15123CN. This one is a beautiful laptop with an awesome display, wonderfully spaced keys on keyboard and most importantly very affordable. I got it for 30000 Rs which should translate to about $540. It has 3rd Gen Core I3, 10 GB of Ram and 500 GB hard disc.

I use following set of software's on my laptop:

1. Décor 8 & Bing Desktop: Décor 8 is a must have software on Windows 8. I have done 2 things with this software.

First, I have changed the setting to make sure the start screen background Image is same as desktop background.

Secondly, I have reduced the no of rows of tiles on the start screen from default 4 to 3.

The Bing desktop is set to change the desktop image daily.

Believe me after making these changes, the start screen does not look like a start screen that's being shown everywhere in the ads or rather a windows 8 start screen that turns everyone off! The start screen now shines, with lots of space at the top and bottom of the screen which looks visually very pleasing.

2. Bing My LockScreen: This app is available in Windows store for free of cost and it has this great ability to change the Lock screen image to Bing daily image.

So now I have a Windows 8 box, with a beautiful Bing daily image set to my lock screen, my Desktop and my Start screen!! BTW I would recommend everyone to checkout today's Bing image of the day.

3. StarDock Fences: The Fences software from StarDock is an amazing software. This one has the amazing ability to group the icons on the desktop screen and fade it. This kind of grouping on the desktop screen removes all the clutter on the desktop and makes it look really clean and organized.

4. Windows 8 Desktop Gadgets: Windows 8 does not support Desktop gadgets anymore. So much so that even the Widget gallery on Microsoft site is removed.

Nevertheless we still need those amazing gadgets like swiss watch, CPU Meter, calendar, Battery meter, Ram meter, shutdown gadget all the time on desktop. This software brings back all the abilities of desktop gadgets from Windows 7.

Now couple that with the fences, where in you can create a fence around desktop gadgets!!

5. Move the taskbar to top of the screen.

6. Bluestacks app player:

With the help of this app I now have access to over 7,50,000 apps available on android platform. What more, this app gives me the ability to pin an android app directly on the start screen and hence launch it directly from there just like any other Windows 8 app.

I however still prefer Native Windows 8 apps, but believe me this is still an amazing way to enjoy Android games and apps directly on Windows laptop.

7. Snapping Windows 8 apps next to desktop:

Its such a shame that MS chooses not to advertise its best features of Windows 8. This is one such amazing feature which changes the way you work with your system. I always keep my twitter app snapped to left, while my desktop sits on the right. I like snapping IM+ app snapped to the left.

There are literally 100's of such usecases which are just not possible with a system that is not running windows 8.

8. Windows 8 apps:

I know this is a painful area for MS but I would like to highlight a few beautifully designed apps. Bing News is an amazing news reader app. It has thousands of news sources which results in very rich content.

Do not count out the Google Search app. Yes Google is often blamed for not supporting Windows 8 but they have churned out a really good Google Search app. Its really nice to see all the past searches that you have made, along with the links clicked while searching, grouped in such a clean fashion. The voice search is terrific and there have been hardly any misses for me.

9. Windows Key & those keyboard shortcuts: The Windows Key has a whole new meaning attached to it on Windows 8. I use this app called Pressplay video which allows me to play all those videos which normally need VLC player. Now imagine this, while playing the video if I press the windows key, not only I get see all my notifications on start screen at once, but the video also auto paused in the background. When I return back to the app after pressing windows key again, the video resumes playing from the point it was auto paused directly. How cool is that?

This is true not just for an app like press play video but also for every Windows 8 store app. I think the biggest trick in using windows 8 properly is to understand how the windows key on the keyboard works.

10. Traditional PC games and Microsoft Office 2013: Its all about Mobile games these days but do not count out the traditional PC games which are available on Windows 8. No app store in the world can ever compete with this never ending list of games that is available on PCs. It just a shame that MS hasn't been able to group them together on Windows store.

Now tell me people, What more are you missing in Windows 8? Will you still hate windows 8 after doing all of the above?