Account Management App/DB ??

Hey all, was asked by my employer (small business) to create a customer database / start using a program to organize our accounts so we have better inventory allocation and product tracking.

We sell large ticket items, so we usually move from the sale to delivery in several stages. The customer pays for product, we order product, schedule delivery, and finally deliver the product, completing the transaction. This seems simple in theory, but with varying degrees in customer commitments (paid in full, small deposit, shaky deals) the initial 'purchase' is sometimes vague. Additionally, there are a few products we stock, and many more we order in specially. I would like to be able to track what I physically have in stock, and what is on order, and what is scheduled for delivery.

Is Access the best program to keep a record of these activities, or are there other programs out there more tailor made for my specific needs. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys, your help would give me a HUGE hand.