Just finished TRON Uprising on netflix

I was not that into the tron universe, but I have to say this is probably the best animated series I have seen in YEARS. The reviews reflect as much as they are off the charts. The only downside is that the ratings were pretty low and DISNEY is mulling over whether there will be more seasons. They released the series to netflix on May 9th, so let's hope the positive feedback convinces them to green light more shows.

Saving that, netflix should take it off their hands if they can't support the show with the advertising model.

And for those who are dismissive of the concept of a tron tv show and think it's not for them. Remember the premise for firefly? Space western with horrific cgi? We need to find a way to stop letting firefly class shows die due to low ratings, we need these other models to rescue them.

Go past the cover and check it out, I accept your thanks for alerting you to the series ahead of time. You are welcome.