warning!!! DONT BUY THE 928

SO i did something impulsive and stupid. dont do what i did!

i sold my gorgeous red 920 and switched to verizon and got a black 928.

the 928 is actually inferior to the 920 and i regret selling my 920 and i miss it dearly.

why is the 928 inferior?

1-design: the boxy design is boring and uncomfortable to hold for long periods, i am serious.

2-design: the virtual buttons, unlike 920, are not reflective when phone screen is off, which i guess is a trivial gripe but it just shows how so much went into designing the 920.

3-virtual buttons do not light up, as they do in the 920.

4-amoled screen blows, big time: it reminded me of the stupid galaxy screens with their unrealistic colors that suck in daylight and to make matters much worse, the screen is actually not even remotely close to 920 in terms of touch sensitivity and response. again, brought me back to the traumatizing memories of owning an android phone with latest specs yet every 3d tap goes unregistered. yes, you heard it right: the 928 screen misses some taps, something i never experienced with the 920.

Even when the 920 screen is dirty and covered with sweat smears , finger glides smoothly on it making it super smooth and easy to type and swipe. with the 928, you literally need to clean the screen every 15 minutes, and still it wont be as touch sensitive as the 920.

5-camera: in day light, it is just as crappy as the 920, in night time, it is only slightly better.

6-build quality: i got the black one and on day 1 it fell from the car seat onto the road pavement, something that happened twice with my 920. my 920 was unscathed. the 928 suffered 4 dents. the 920 was a tank, this thing is just a smartphone like the others.

the 928 is really uninspiring and has terrible virtual buttons and a somewhat uncomfortable edges. its amoled screen sucks and your fingers will not glide smoothly on it the way they did on the 920. the 928 is an afterthought from Nokia. it really does not represent what Nokia is capable of doing.

so to those who are envious of verizon users, dont bother! your 920 s in their vibrant colors are actually superior phones.

now i am stuck with this phone for well....2 years.

update: i am back to my lumia 920 :)