The Dumbest Commercial Ever.

I saw this piece of work today, and.... just a few things:

1. The reasoning Microsoft uses here is essentially "something cheaper is better" which is like saying "I'm getting a Hyundai Accent instead of a Ferrari F12 because for the money I can tune it up a little, also buy a motorcycle, a quad bike, and a bus." Completely missing the point.

2. They talk in the ad about music streaming and sky drive, which are both cloud services. The biggest consumer of streaming cloud services is the United States (because they pretty much aren't available anywhere else) and in the United States, phones are sold on contract. And because of that, this entire commercial contradicts itself - The price difference between the S4 and 521 when bought on contract is about $150, not the $600 unlocked difference.

So for your extra $150, you get: a much bigger screen with twice the pixel density, a much faster processor, an exponentially better camera, an SD slot that takes 64gb cards, and obviously the power of Android, though that doesn't count here, so that's not a plus or minus.

3. In the ad they compensate for this by showing that for the extra $600 you can get a xbox music membership, a 16gb sd card, some crappy beats headphones and a super low end notebook.

Just about everyone in the market for any kind of smartphone already has a computer and headphones. It just doesn't make sense.

I'm not a windows phone hater, I just think this particular ad is ridiculous. Don't you?