The iPhone and its competitors

I was flipping through old tech-magazines and, of course, they recommended “great alternatives” to the iPhone. At the time of the iPhone 3G they thought that the Nokia 5800, the G1 and the Nokia E63 were worthy alternatives.

At the time of the iPhone 3Gs they recommended the Nokia N97, Samsung Jet, HTC Magic, Toshiba TG01, Samsung I8910 HD, HTC Touch Pro and Palm Pre.

At the time of the iPhone 4 they recommended the HTC Smart, Samsung Wave, Galaxy S etc.

From today’s perspective, nobody would call them great alternatives. So my question is: Today many people find the S4 or HTC One equally good (or better) to the iPhone 5. But how will their opinions be in, say, 3 years? I don’t want to be in an Apple-biased bubble, which is why I’m asking.