My take on a notification system

Hi there, I know there have been many ideas how to implement a notification center.

How ever, I had my own idea and as I love the swipe gestures from Windows 8s Metro UI I would love to see some of them come to Windows Phone.

Are there notifications? For me, a notification center would be mainly to see if I had missed something when I haven't used my phone for a while. To see that, I would allow a sneek peak onto the notification center when unlocking the phone.

If you turn on the screen of a Windows Phone and then press the Windows Key, your lockscreen will jump a small amount up.

This little area could drag up the first part of the notification center and allow the user to see if there are any new messages. If there user drags the unlock screen further up, the center will go down again and disappear. To access the notification center, you swipe up from the bottom (as this part is easier to reach then the top) of the screen.


In the notification center you will be greeted by small live tiles for all apps which have notifications.

Tapping on one of them will show a list of notifications, which can incorporate actions to interact with the notifications directly.

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