Windows Phone 8.1: What You Need

Okay we now know what Windows 8.1 will bring to tablets and PCs but what about those of you living the dream in Windows Phone land.

So far we know the WinPhone team are working minor features with the GDR updates, but what of WinPhone Blue? We know from Mary Jo Foley that Phone Blue will come after 8.1 and it will feature IE11 and apps like Fresh Paint. We also know that Phone Blue will see greater integration with Windows and Xbox (the last part was said by someone on the Xbox design team). We also know that the next update will see similar integration of Bing services as 8.1 and more voice features.

Now the question, what features do you want to see in Windows Phone Blue? I know for myself I'd like to see some of the gestures and personalization features of Windows 8.1; things like background images and more color choices.

I wouldn't mind also seeing new Tile choices and perhaps swipe gestures. Beyond that notifications that make sense for Windows Phone. I know how iOS and Android do drop downs but it doesn't really fit Windows Phone. I'd love to be able to swipe right and get a Charms bar like menu with options for Notifications, Search, and Settings.I would also really like Windows Phone to do more with Hubs, specifically let me create Hubs and use them fro grouping apps.

So people speak up please include hardware if you want and as always everyone keep civil or I'll find a way to get Patel back in a courtroom and prosecute you all.

(image 1-800-PocketPC)