Moving from WP to Android. Need your inputs

Hi Guys,

I'm thinking of finally moving over to Android and I need your help.

Thing is, WP was functional beautiful and I would like my android experience to be similar. Now, I don't like skins, but I don't have stock android options in my country. And I have had extensive experience with my sister's xperia and my other sister's galaxy S3 which I found to be horrendous (xperia) and boring (galaxy). Therefore would going with HTC make sense? (see what i did there:) I tried it in the store and it looked between okay and nice, but still couldn't get the full impressions.

What do you guys suggest? Would HTC be a good experience when moving from WP?

Also, if someone amongst you has jump-shipped from WP to Android, can you please advice me what I am gonna miss?

Bonus: How is gaming on HTC One XL? I'm looking for a budget device, so please suggest devices in 250-350$ price bands (The store guy is offering me HTC One XL for 300$ unlocked).