What's your Favorite PC Manufacturer?

Hey Guys,

After seeing a little battle of comments in the New Razer Article the verge posted. I was thinking who is the most favored pc manufacturer?

For me, I'm Loving Lenovo. Their keyboards are superior to all manufacturers (at least my opinion). And lately they've been the only ones stepping up their games. I Mean have you seen the Helix? I know its a tablet but that thing is a beast. I currently have an 2 year old HP laptop, which i got just cause it was a decent 17 inch laptop for my price range. I can't complain its held up for me, and I do love this keyboard as well. But the track pad sucks, and it just over heats like an oven. Though I do love it, but I do think my next laptop will be a Lenovo hands down. To add, Microsoft definitely stole the show with the Surface. A beautiful product it is, I hope they can make it even better with the 2nd gen.

I mean they're just so many manufacturers out there. Well at least the big ones: Microsoft, Dell (Alienware), Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, HP, Apple, Asus, and many others. They all have they're strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure many people will say they love Apple, I don't, I am not a fan of Apple at all. But i will admit, they make great hardware and their macbooks and iMacs are superbly designed and premium devices. I would never get one, but i do appreciate them. I don't want to go into detail on all the OEM's but I want to hear from you guys!

So My Favorite is Microsoft and Lenovo, which i totally plan on getting as my next for which ever they launch on the new haswell line of processors. But whats yours? And why? Let me know!