Is a laptop in the works from MS?

Since MS announced the surface, I think we have all come to expect more surface tablets in the future. In addition, based on rumors, I think most of us have also come to expect that a smaller sub 10-inch tablet will also debut soon .

However, I have not heard any rumors regarding MS working on a laptop. Now I'm not sure if this is because MS has been super secretive about their devices or if they are genuinely not interested in making a laptop, which would be unfortunate. I would love to see the aesthetics and styling of the surface applied to laptop. I just love the look and feel of the surface, but wish for a more powerful 13" laptop with a dedicated GPU and an actual keyboard and touchpad for more hardcore computing

Sure, there's sony and samsung and lenovo and asus and dell. In my opinion, few of these OEMs actually make a quality device sony for years has sucked majorly (speaking from direct experience from owning two sony vaio's, which I am stuck to use till I purchase a new device). Samsung and lenovo and asus, from what I have seen are more or less some of the best laptop manufactures. However, each time I view a laptop produced by these vendors they are always lacking something; be it the design, touchpad, keyboard, display, and so on.

Thus, I would love to see what MS could do with a laptop. And if the surface is anything to go by I think it would be amazing.

A couple of questions. How much did we know about MS making the surface before the unveiling? If I recall correctly we didn't know much and much, but their were rumors (perhaps substantiated) that MS was working on a tablet. This could help us clue in on MS's plans for a laptop.