Surface Pro replaced the iPad... and my DV7... now my desktop?!?!

Replacing the iPad was easy. It was so furiously unideal for college and any form of real work that it ended up serving the role of "Here, hold this PDF while I do something important on a more capable device." meaning that; despite all the talk of "iPad can replace a laptop!" I often would end up crippled if I ever dared leave the house without my DV7 to pick up the slack in all the areas in which iPad was insufficient.

What I didn't expect though... is that my beautiful, beloved DV7 has now been lying unused for months on end now that I have a Surface Pro.

...but now... with the arrival of my Mini DisplayPort to DVI cable, I'm wondering if there is anything inherently wrong with using it as my desktop computer. The more I learn about Windows 8, the more I hate having W7 on my desktop... yet I let all the "He said, she said" idiocy (mostly from people with zero firsthand W8 experience) stray me away from W8 too late for the $14.99 and $39.99 offers. I think I could kill two birds with one stone by just ditching my desktop and using the Surface Pro as my everything.

Docking a laptop as a desktop is nothing new; of course... but those are typically made practical by the fact that (most) laptop batteries are easily removed (thus eliminating the threat of destroying it's overall health). Obviously, the same can't be done on the Surface Pro... so what I want to know is: can the overall battery life be compromised by that lifestyle of using a Surface Pro as a desktop?