In Before: Shit People Say About iOS7

It's early morning June 10, WWDC is coming up very shortly, and based on current trends, Apple's always seem to get a lot of hate from their critics. Remember what happened last year? iOS6 was undoubtedly a change that wasn't very impressive for many, so there came a lot of backlash, which largely contributed to Scott Forstall's dismissal (Apple Maps was also a contributing factor).

Same goes for the iPhone 5: a lot of people bashed it's uninspiring look stating that it's just a longer iPhone 4/4S with an additional row of icons.

But.... Weeks later, the iPhone 5 praised as being Apple's best phone and has one of the best satisfaction rankings, and Apple Maps has improved quite a bit. It's also shown that Apple Maps consume less bandwith than Google's offering, which is good news for mobile users (though it's unlikely people are sticking to Apple Maps because of that)

Anyways, this doesn't mean much for Apple, because they are always hated by their rivals, and will always be hated. But this is the media's fault - the media is there just to exaggerate on simple things and whatever works to get them views and clicks (remember the purple hazing on iPhone 5's camera? yeah, no one argues about it anymore). Same goes for Verge Apple haters - expect to see them a lot in the WWDC articles.

So what comments can you expect to see after the WWDC introductions? Here's a list:

  • "iOS 7 is just a theme, with no major improvements"
  • "Has Apple lost its Magic?"
  • "The new additions are nothing revolutionary"
  • "They are introducing features that are already available for many years, so they are not innovating"
  • "iRadio is missing a lot of features"
  • "OS X 10.9 contains only modest upgrades that users shouldn't pay for (insert comparison to Windows 8.1)"

It all sounds true but these statements are ramblings from people who don't really know much about Apple and only look at the superficial level. Apple's got a good track record of making high-quality hardware and software, and more often than not they get it right the first time when it comes to design and user-friendliness. Of course they make mistakes but for most cases they admit and they take steps to rectify it.

So before you get all defensive about Apple after their WWDC launches, just ignore whatever initial negative reviews there are, because it will die down soon enough and it will take a while but you can expect some good reviews to appear after that.

What negative comments do you foresee? Post them below!