Why can't we be friends? The joy and pain of Rando

It's 3:37AM. I'm alone on a night bus, fighting the alcohol-driven desire to fall asleep and miss my stop. I receive an image from South Korea; a girl is eating a choco pie. I too am eating chocolate, and turn my phone 180 degrees to snap my snack of choice, a slightly stale white chocolate and raspberry cookie bought from the 24 / 7 store. Seconds after I send my image, I receive a notification that it was delivered to Birmingham, England. Well that's unfortunate.

My iPhone lights up again. I receive a picture of a dog from the same location. I reply with the rock-etched scrawling of an adolescent on the bus window, which has been obscuring my view of the outside world for the length of my journey thus far. I receive a screencap from Vancouver, which seems to be from the 2003 Korean movie Memories of Murder. That's one of my favorite movies! I dig a worn-out pencil from my bag, and indicate as much on the back of a napkin procured from an establishment earlier this evening. OMG I <3 THAT MOVIE ^^

What a coincidence — Memories of Murder, while a pretty successful movie, is far from a household name. I receive another notification "Your message has been delivered to South Korea." Frustration sets in. What else might me and my new-found Vancouverite buddy have in common? How old is he? Or she? Oh god what if it's a she? The alcohol traversing my veins, and my liver's refusal to do anything about it, is telling me things. What if this girl turned out to be my soul mate? God how can I find her again? I've always wanted to go to Vancouver. I hear it's beautiful. I swipe the image, revealing she's actually from Victoria, Vancouver Island, not Vancouver itself. That's okay. Maybe I can commute.

Twenty minutes later, I'm awoken by the vibration of my phone, letting me know it's time to get off the bus. I guess the driver turned the heating on, as all of the windows have steamed up. I etch "Je T'aime" into the moisture, forgetting how disgustingly dirty public bus windows are, and take a snap. It's sent to Korea again. I receive a dog in return. I reply with my neighbor's horrible cat statue. It's sent to Switzerland. Such is Rando.