iOS 7 inspired by...

So it looks like iOS may be getting a fresh look later today. And rumours have been flying as to what it will look like. Personally I hope it looks NOTHING like Windows Phone - too flat, too plain and very un-Apple. I like the work Google have done on the Holo theme, it's consistent, and looks decent too. So what about Apple...

I've always liked the Apple website and I think the current site is beautiful.

  • It is very clean in its appearance, it feels light. Lots of white.
  • I'm no font guru, but I like the font choices. They're pretty and clear.
  • I like combination of black and dark gray for text. It stands out on the white background.
  • I like the blue used for highlights. It’s instantly recognisable (iOS already contains highlights).
  • The site has a lick of gloss (such as the top navigation bar) - but it isn't overkill.
  • There are shadows to add depth (such as product images). It's not completely flat, definite positive for me.
  • They haven't gone overboard. Textures, gloss, shadows, colour etc. It's all tasteful.

If iOS borrowed from design wise I'd be pretty pleased. Obviously websites and OS interfaces are different things, an I'm not suggesting they mimic each other, just that the design choices used on the website could work well if applied on iOS.

** As an aside I wouldn't be too fussed if iOS looked exactly the same. I'm more bothered about the way it works. The 2 things that I would prefer to a visual refresh are an OS X style guest account on the iPad and APIs to aid inter-app communication (making it easier to share data between apps - at the moment I notice I do a lot of copy/paste in my workflow). However, a visual refresh would be cool. :)