On Multitasking + Update: Notification Center

Just hours before Apple is going to announce their next big thing with iOS 7 I want to give you my take on what to improve with Multitasking and an update of the concept I did for Notification Center a few weeks ago. I want to be very clear that all the things you're going to see is basically native iOS 6-style. I'm not joining the people mocking up graphics with mediocre skills, that take months of sweating every detail in the real world, and embarrass myself by doing that. I'm really confident that Jony Ive did a great job and I'm sure nothing we had to see is close to the real thing.

Multitasking: App Exposé

Apple's app switching concept is a quite simple and straight forward one. And it works, because since day one of iPhone we've learned to immediately recognize an App by its icon. A great app's icon is… well, iconic! But especially with the latest development in the iOS 3rd party ecosystem a lot of Apps additionally to having a very distinctive icon gained often very attractive, but more importantly immediately recognizable user interfaces. Think of apps like "Find my friends" or "Clear". So there definitely is a point in having a preview of the app's content in switching applications.

The problem with all the mockups I've seen so far is, that they compromised the size of the icon for the size of the Appview. I think the best solution here is one with two modes. A simple one, with just the icons as we know it, and a richer one with Appviews and icons combined. The challenge is to make switching between these modes seem natural, intuitive and blazingly fast. Otherwise noone will use it. This is what I came up with. (larger view)


The basic idea is that to open App Exposé you just slide from the bottom of the screen up and drag the current App up to reveal the tray. Once you cross the usual height of the Multitasking tray and drag further up the icons start to shrink and the App-Views start to grow behind them. The farther you drag up, the bigger the Appviews get. Of course the horizontal scrolling in App Exposé is smooth and seamless, not like the four Apps a time you're currently stuck with.

Another interesting thing in my opinion is the vertical scrolling. Take an app like Safari with multiple windows. In this concept you'd be able to scroll vertically to choose from the several open views to get directly to the desired document.


I didn't mock up the media controls on the left side, but basically I would imagine that they can stay like they are right now and additionally show the album cover in the expanded view.

Notification Center: Update

If you haven't read my previous article you should definitely check it out! I did some additional work there and implemented some of the ideas.


Actionable Notifications + Play/Pause Button


Shake device to empty Notification Center.