Xbox Surface Tablet with built-in 360 - does the concept work for you?


Microsoft have seen Apple's massive iPad business and realise that tablets are a big part of the future of personal computing, however the Windows Surface tablets have yet to make a meaningful impact on the market. Nevertheless Microsoft vehemently believe in the future of second-screen computing - that's why they have worked so hard to create and promote Smart Glass for use with the Xbox platform. They have designed it so it is platform agnostic, it works with iPads and Androids, but Microsoft would rather you use their hardware. They also want to build on the legacy of the Xbox 360 so users can in the future migrate to the Xbox One. So how can they do all this? Lets say in the near future Microsoft were to announce an Xbox Surface tablet with 360 built-in...

It would be Windows RT compatible and allow use of Windows Surface Apps.

It would have compatibility with Office files.

It would allow play of Xbox 360 games directly on the tablet so it could work as a portable gaming device.

It could output games to a HDTV.

It would work as the optimum smart glass device for the Xbox One.

Whilst some might feel this to be a forced mix of different technologies it could work so well if done right. The 360 features would help make it a success with 360 gamers and work as a trojan horse for the Xbox platform and give Microsoft some vital marketshare in the tablet market. But does a Xbox 360 Surface tablet work for you?