If Sony E3 announcement goes well, someone please make a XBox style controller for the PS4

I WAS an Xbox fanboy and loved the 360 but like most people, have gone right off the X-Bone (love calling it that!). I really hope that Sony doesn't go down the route of publisher control, online check ins and trade in restrictions. If they just keep things relatively the same and have a reasonable launch line up then I'll be getting a PS4 and maybe even a Vita!

There is a potential problem: Many people (including me) dislike the PS controllers, especially in comparison to the chunkier XBox controllers. Do you think there will be a good alternative? There may already be alternative controller for the PS3 that resemble a bigger shape? Maybe you'll be able to use the Vita as just a controller when you're not doing remote play, and if you can how is it to use????