Why aren't there Pokemon and Mario games for smartphones?

You probably know the answer to the question raised in the post title. Or at least you could figure it out in a minute. Nintendo could make their games for iOS and Android. But they're probably afraid it would be their doom.

As far as I can remember, their games have always been made for Nintendo consoles only. Pokemon and Mario franchises were (and possibly still are) so appealing to gamers that they didn't hesitate to buy a Nintendo gaming system to play them. That's how Nintendo makes money.

In these day, however, almost every person has a mobile gaming console in their pocket - a smartphone - and because of it, sales of single-purpose mobile gaming consoles like PSP and Nintendo DS will never be the same.

Isn't it time for Nintendo to move on and try a different business model? I bet gamers (regardless of age) would love to become Pokemon masters on their smartphones, or to help the fat Italian plumber save his princess again.

Of course, versions of these games for smartphones would have to cost less. On the other hand, the potential user/gamer base is enormous. And that means A LOT of money. Would you like to see Nintendo games in App Store and Google Play? I know I would.