If Apple made a ...

Hey guys.

I had an idea for a thread that could be fun and informative for everyone who wishes to take part.

I love design. Not just the way it looks, but the way it functions. This is something Apple have inspired in me, and they encourage me to want the best of everything I use in my day to day life.

The idea of this forum stemmed from the fact that I hate wallets. They're clunky, ugly and generally a burden. But as the amount of cards I have to carry increases, I am starting to look for one which looks cool, functions well and like most Apple products "stays out of the way".

So the idea of this thread is to ask for something you want, and hopefully other people can contribute towards you finding this.

So for example mine would be

"If Apple made a wallet..."

and a response would be

"This would be it... *link to the product*

brief explanation"

It doesn't have to incorporate all of the things that make up an Apple product. It could look like an Apple product, or function like an Apple product - but hopefully there are some products out there that do both.