WP/xbox music compatible streaming systems

Hi all,

Hopefully someone can help me with this one. We're a household of WP 7.8 & 8 devices, Surface RT, laptops and xbox. among us there are a couple of xbox music subsriptions - which are excellent by the way especially if you like music discovery and random stuff as i do, my collection would be tiny if had to buy all ther tracks and albums i've downloaded as part of he subscription. Anyway, since i work from home (and laptop/tablet speakers aren't great) thinking of getting a system for the living to stream music to wirelessly/Bluetooth don't mind either as long as it compatible.

Lots i've spoken to say go Sonos, but they're too out of my price range plus they don't support xbox music subscriptions, maybe in 2014/2015 so support says!

So MSTribe let me know what is out there amongst the sea of ipod docks and air play speakers that us xbox music subscribers can happily use.

By the way i'm in the UK, just in case anyone suggests something thats US only

Thanks in advance all!