OSX "Sea Lion?" "Mavericks?" Either Way, Snooze-ola.

Well, we've just witnessed the release of the latest version of OSX (I actually like the moniker "Sea Lion" better than "Mavericks," but that just may be because I'm a Suns fan).

Anyway: tabbed finder windows...enhanced performance...multi-screen improvements (and by the way was I the only one who saw that Safari's "improvements" were compared against Firefox and Chrome, but not against I.E.? Really, Apple?).

Am I missing something or has Apple completely lost its grip on OS innovation? I'm a Microsoftie now, but I was an Apple fanboi from 2002-2010 - like many others, I, too am drawn to innovation like a magnet to...another magnet.

  • Improved Browser Performance => I.E. 10 (10/2012)
  • Lock Screen Notifications=> Windows 8 (10/2012)
  • Improved Browser Performance => I.E. 10 & I.E. 11
  • Full-Screen Apps => The Hallmark of Metro on Windows 8
  • Multi-Screen Improvements => Coming With Release of 8.1
  • Emphasis on Minimalistic Design => Sure. We got that...last year.
  • Apple has pigeon-holed itself: it decried the "froaster" approach of Windows 8, but with each successive release of OSX, we're seeing iOS creep further and further into the forefront of the UX; froaster, indeed.

    I'm unimpressed with the features previewed in the latest release of OSX. Windows 8 runs circles around this dated tripe.

    Yes, I said it, dated...and also tripe.