Did iOS 7 SLAY Android?? - Why it's Awesome


However after seeing what they have been working on I have reached a whole new level of respect for JI. It looks so gorgeous, way prettier than Android. Except I've noticed a few things like the weather apps completely mimics that of HTCs weather app. The new iOS 7 is a colorful wonder. In no way shape or form do I believe that iOS out did Android but they are officially competing head to head (BASE ON WHAT I'VE SEEN) - Lastly I feel the interface is simply more beautiful . Oh yea. . . Windows Phone blue has no chance.

Will I be switching. . .Yes. But I was going to do that before I even saw 7. BUT I think I will wait to see if Google got rid of that Tron mess on Stock, because if KLP looks anything like what Google has been doing with their latest design, switching will be the hardest decision I've ever made in terms of tech.

Anyone impressed with iOS 7?

PS: I love their Mutitasking on iOS7.

Here's Why it's awesome.

1. Multitasking and Prioritizing Apps

2. No more of that app refresh mess.

3. Control Center

4. It reminds me of a mix between WebOs, Windows AERO, and . . . .well a LOT of Color.

5. Safari updated

6. No longer having to manage app updates

7. The notification center may actually look better than the one on Android (Which makes me sad)

8. iTunes Radio (Which I'll never use)

9. That keyboard is awesome. . . well it looks awesome. If it performs the same than "Meh"

10. The Dialer ROCKS!

And loads more. What I'm not hearing is what's happening under the hood. Also if there will be new hardware. . . there has to be.

I say I will switch now but if you know me from being in Android Army, then you know a month later after my hype is down I probably won't switch.