iOS7: Still no equivalent of Defaults and Intents...

I have to say, I really like a lot of the changes Apple has introduced with iOS7, but I'm still not seeing anything like Android's Defaults and Intents system, which is a damn shame. I think it's one of Android's most appealing features, and it's something I think Apple both needs and has the ability to do quite well.

It's also a shame there's no real equivalent for glanceable information - although the revamped Notification Center seems to help make up that gap somewhat.

I think Defaults, Intents, and Glanceable Information are the key things I want out of a phone platform, so despite a lot of great changes, I don't think I'll be lured back to the iPhone by iOS7. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing it on my iPad Mini - and hopefully there will be some iPad-specific UI enhancements we didn't see today.