My thoughts on iOS 7

So it seems to me there is a lot more negativity on these forums so far about iOS 7 than there is positivity. And that's fine, people are entitled to their opinions. But I just wanted to share a few thoughts on my thinking about the OS.

1. Homescreen.

The home screen is, frankly, bad. I enjoy a new design as much as the next person, but the way they went about it with the pastel colored icons contrasting with the glossy icons of past apps is jarring to say the least. The original home screen had a puzzling uniformity to it, where although everything had a different texture and style, it was this eclectic mix of designs that made it unique and good looking. But what I think people forget when they talk about Android and Windows phone is that people on iOS devices hardly ever just sit there and look at their home screens. In fact, I have never done that other than when I reorganize apps into folders. No, I open my phone (the lock screen looks fantastic by the way) and I find the app that I wanted and I go to it. So for me, a slightly bad looking home screen isn't something of a deal breaker to me.

2. Coherency

I think this was the one that everyone truly wanted, and it speaks volumes about Apple's ability to connect the hardware and software in a cohesive package. With iOS 6 and below, the first party apps were disjointed and had little to do with each other aesthetically. Because apps were continuously being added from different design teams, there was nothing keeping them from designing it how they wanted, regardless of how the other teams wanted it. With a complete refresh, they were able to take a design language and add it across the board, and it really shows. Calendar is beautiful and much more functional, multitasking actually looks like a modern design rather than something they shoehorned onto it, and the feeling of the OS makes it feel like it came from the iPhone, rather than with the iPhone.

3. Additions

Surprisingly, or not surprisingly to some of you, quite a few of the new additions seemed like catch up to Android and Windows Phone, such as Control Center. Why is this a bad thing? I use Apple because of one thing they said at the beginning of the keynote: 93% of users use iOS6. iOS is by far the best place for developers, and the wealth of apps that are designed for iOS in particular vastly outpaces that of Android. I come for the apps and the ease of use of the operating system. So when they announce things that I like about Android are coming to iOS, why shouldn't we be anything but happy? Notifications look great, all the new basic apps look like some of the best ones that you can get through third parties (looks like I'll be replacing Yahoo Weather) and things like Airdrop using local Wifi and locating friends around you is a fantastic addition.

Final Thoughts: For me, Apple hit it out of the park with this Keynote. I saw my next laptop materialize (13inch Macbook Air), my next laptop OS (Mavericks looks surprisingly good, especially the dual screen features) and iOS 7, while lacking a bit in the aesthetics department concerning the home screen, will be something that finally rips me away from the tantalizing look of Android for good.

And remember children, all of this stuff is Beta. I'm sure we'll hear a lot more, and there could be quite a bit changed as well coming up this fall.