Love it or Hate it, IOS 7 has disgraceful hideous icons

I love apple alot. Not just what it stands for(great products, marketing, Steve Jobs) but also the team that helped Steve build his company back and so I hate it when people say "This wouldn't have happened if Steve was around" because I think he left a competent team of people that can lead this company. But after today, I can firmly say If Steve was around, those Icons wouldn't be that hideous! I am not against the whole of iOS7 and I have my qualms with other aspects of the OS, but IMHO the icons are a disgrace to Apple, and disrespectful to Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall. I think Johny Ive can do a better Software interface job than I, a simpleton but is nothing compared to the flawed but brilliant Scott Forstall.

The icons are childish and insipid but the one thing I can say that best defines my qualm with them is that they are unapple-like, just like the new mac pro, unapple-like and by that I don't get the Apple vibe when I see them. I'll only wait to see how the use and functionality is, but the Icons are a total mess for me. I now know where the hideous icons for the new ipod nano came from. It seems Johny Ive is being influenced by Nokia in some way, with the way the new ipod nano looks like an N9 and the way the new iphone icons look like the symbian round ones, I fear for the future.

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