iOS 7: All New(ly) Borrowed from Android and other Mobile OSes

Let's all be honest here: iOS 7 took a lot of...liberties...and "borrowed" (stole?) features from other mobile OSes. Was there true innovation here? No. Were there some improvements? Definitely. I'll explain below:

*Notification Center* has evolved to include more information ala *Google Now* (e.g. current temperature, upcoming appointments), but it doesn't appear to be very "smart". We'll see how that is when first impressions hit.

*Control Center* took Android Jellybean Quick Settings and Samsung's TouchWiz and created something that was sorely needed in iOS - quick access to settings from anywhere in the OS. I really like how Apple implemented this with a swipe up, and keeping it away from Notification Center is actually a terrific move. Obviously, Android places more importance on segregating Google Now (as Now is the future of Google's mobile and really, Google itself) which has a similar swipe up feature.

*Multitasking* is a direct rip-off of WebOS cards...and something that Android had for a while. However, the idea of "intelligent" multitasking that updates the apps that you use the most is interesting, and I'm curious to see how it works. One thing is for certain; updating apps in the background means that an app shouldn't reload when you get a notification (e.g. for email or Foursquare) and the data should be waiting for you when you action on the notification. Definitely a long time coming.

*App-Store Auto Updates* has existed on Android since...forever? Another welcome change, but nothing new. Stolen from Android.

*OVERALL*, it looks like iOS 7 takes a LOT from Android, some stuff from WP8 and webOS and creates something that isn't new to the mobile OS world, but is new from the perspective of iOS users. A lot of the borrowed/stolen functionality is improved from where it was stolen from, but I didn't see anything today that really stood out.

What do you guys think? I'm curious to see if the new iPhone has any exclusive features, but overall, iOS7 adds features that have been missing and catches it up to Android in a lot of respects, but hasn't done much to leapfrog it. Of course, Ive hasn't had much time and what he's done is very impressive for the amount of time he's had, but with Android 5.0 KLP around the corner, will iOS fall behind in a few short months?