Are iOS 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks going to feel inconsistent?

I think the new iOS is pretty - really pretty. As a new "direction" to take, this seems on trend and continues to make me feel interested in iOS.

However, when I look at the icons/interface/overall design and usability of the new iOS vs. the new OS X - it feels more inconsistent than ever. I mean, just look at how different the iOS and OS X Mail, Safari, Calendar, etc. apps are from each other now. It doesn't even feel like it was made by the same company - and inconsistency is not something I particularly enjoy or am used to from Apple.

Of course - Apple isn't making products just for me! I want to know if you feel the same way - I trust you guys to tell me the truth.

What happens to our beloved Mac OS next year (it kills me that we'll probably have to wait a whole year)? Should it begin to feel more like the new iOS? Does OS X start to become less and less necessary and we'll all be using iOS so it won't matter anyways?

I'm really hoping for good things here, but guys and gals - I'm (a little wee bit) scared. I'm might miss those crazily detailed candy icons if they were to disappear one day.