It's still just, well, icons....

While I think the visual refresh was all right changing a bunch of colours and adding translucent effects did not, for me, address the boredom factor. If you look past all the new gloss and elementary pastel colors, there's no change in actual functionality. It's still a bunch of icons. What happened to dynamic icons? What happened to swiping down on icons and looking at additional information? What happened to a supposed missionboard like place in place of spotlight. iOS, speaking as a person that has owned multiple apple devices, then still feels left behind. Control Center is simply playing catch up and the new multitasking adds no new functionality that the original multitasking bar did. In fact I would say it deters it. Something like Auxo would have been better. And ultimately, when it comes down to it, iOS is still a simple grid of icons.

And that's the ultimate problem for me. The new effects might last a few days and provide temporary excitement. But wouldn't it be even better if there could be active icons. Think of the api's that creative developers would be able to exploit. Or what about resizable icons where the smallest icon is just that, but pinching it makes it almost widget like but typically in a more elegant iOS style (well 6 and below now I guess). Think of the unique things that developers could come up with. And what about customisability? There's no theme store. No ways to change anything if you're not jailbroken. I've had enough of a simple grid of icons tbh.

The walled garden has become more colourful. It's become deeper with more bricks. But its still a walled garden. And I for one would like to go out of it.