Everyone: Stop saying ____ copied _____

It's immature and shows how little many people on The Verge understand the nature of technology.

All innovation, particularly in the tech industry, builds upon the work of others. The latest iteration of Apples mobile OS is no different. It undoubtedly took inspiration from other products, but saying it is a blatant copy is beyond foolish; especially when none of us have used the iOS 7 beta.

iOS 7 is an incredibly innovative product. The fluidity and user experience of iOS 7 is unlike anything before it. This becomes abundantly clear when you see video of the product in action. Static images do not give this software release justice.

That being said, OS 7 isn't enough to move me from my Nexus 4. Though I can appreciate that Apple likes to simplify things for the 80% of people who want something that just works, as a power user I absolutely love the control Android gives you. However, iOS 7 absolutely incredible none the less. Hopefully we can see more design and innovation from Apple and Google. These companies are incredible innovators and an asset to the technology industry.

Heres to innovation!