Apple take a bow, evolution is king

Having spent a few minutes, on and off throughout the day reading comments about the OS X and IOS 7 updates I have been left in total bewilderment.

Having watched Apple's presentation live, earlier today, I was blown away with the quality of the improvements in both OS's as well as the eco system. I am sure the vast number qof negative commenters had already decided they wouldn't like what Apple came up with.

But I thought I would try and apply some reason and explain why I think Apple have hit the jackpot with these updates.

OS X - people look for change for changes sake and cry 'boring' when no radical change occurs. OS X does not need a radical makeover. It is already the slickest, most streamlined and powerful OS on the market.

What Apple understands is that you don't change the way someone uses an OS unless it really is necessary so instead you look to improve and expand whilst retaining the existing functionality and not forcing a completely new way of working on users, unlike a certain other OS.

What The new update will give us is significant performance improvements plus some extra functionality which can only improve the user experience.

I've read numerous comments from fans of Windows 8 (yes there are a few of them out there) claiming OS X is boring or outdated. I think what they mean is it does not have pretty coloured tiles all over the screen. I mean what's that all about? Fancy alienating an entire user base by forcing a new UI on users when the focus of that UI is just a pretty launcher. They may as well have just created a Metro style desktop picture and left Windows 7 as it was. After all, how often do people just sit looking at an OS? Don't know about you, but when I am sitting in front of my computer I am using apps, not staring at a home screen so what's the point of upsetting an entire user base by building a new UI around a fancy launcher and notification system.

One of the beauties of OS X is that it stays out of your way while you get on with your work. This is still the case only now you will have even more tools providing extra flexibility in how users can manage their workflow and data. For me OS X is a sleek, modern, powerful OS which has no peers. Anyone who is bored with this is welcome to their coloured tiles, however 'live' they may be.

IOS 7 - Now we come to Apple's long awaited mobile OS. To set the scene I would like to point out the raft of comments and articles over the past few months about how skeuomorphism was the devils work and how 'flat' was the new plaid.

So what do we get? A completely flat, 2D uninspiring and drab Google type look? No we get a highly polished looking multi layer 3D look providing unprecedented clarity and intuitive context whilst retaining the familiar functionality that will ensure existing users can just pick up and use their IOS device without any Metro style learning curve.

Yet people choose to criticize the update for, yes you guessed it, the icons are boring... Well, derr, you asked for flat, flat is what you got. Except that you didn't, if you look beyond a few icons on the home screen, and to remind you what I said above about the desktop OS, how many people sit staring at the home screen on their phone or tablet? Yet people are happy to condemn an update based on the most inconsequential aspect of the OS.

Anyone who has any understanding of OS development combined with user expectations must surely see this release is a stroke of genius from Apple.

The icing on the cake for me is the significant improvement to the Apple eco system with the new calendar and map integration, iWork updates including the iCloud versions and general improvements to notifications, iCloud password keychain and so on.

What's not to love, the continued evolution of both OS X and IOS is welcomed by this user... Apple, take a bow!

Your thoughts are welcome...