How's the Mac Pro not going to cost an arm and two legs?

Despite many peoples reaction I think the design of the Mac Pro is genius (coming from and engineering background I especially respect how the internals are organized around a thermal core so elegantly),

That being said how is this machine not going to cost the price of a tiny island in the Caribbean?

Why is that? Well ...

SSD hardrive that uses PCI-express. PCI-express is a much faster connection that the traditional SATA3. I can only find two or so vendors that are selling SSD hardrives on newegg and they cost a ton more than the regular SATA3 SSD drives.

TWO AMD firepro cards with killer specs. Looking even at the cheaper firepro cards from the current generation of AMD cards made my jaw drop.

> 8GB 1866MHz ECC buffered ram. Try finding this on newegg. ECC ram at these speeds is super expensive. Note though non-ECC unbuffered ram at these speeds is actually very cheap but ECC ram not so much as fast speeds.

Made in the USA. This is great news and will result in a durable/long-lasting product and create jobs, but will undoubtedly add a premium to the cost as opposed to if it was made in China.

In conclusion, no mere mortal will be able to buy such a device. Of course hardcore companies that really on workstations will, however I will be curious if this device would suit their customized needs. If you are a company that needs a high performance workstation, I do not see why you would opt to buy such a device due to several curcial limitations regarding its lack-of customizability (can you add more ram, swap the GPU, saw the SSD and so on?) Judging by the pics it doesn't look very easy to customize the device, which presumably would be important for an IT professional updating the device in the future.