How many moderators are there?

I feel like there are not NEARLY enough.

Especially during I/O, and now WWDC and E3. The comments need some serious cleaning up. I don't know if the escalation is automatic, or suspensions and bans have to be done manually, but there are something on the order of a bajillion accounts that need to be dealt with.

How does one become a moderator? Is it simply not desired by enough in the community?

I just really want this site to get as close as it can to the early days where comment sections were funny and insightful, not inciteful. Debates were informed and didn't involve name-calling or willful ignorance.

Also, the subtle trolls need to be addressed. They exist in all camps. People who are smart, but are still misguided to the point of souring reasonable discussions with their skewed, pedantic views and omissive lies.

To those few moderators that do exist, thank you. It's just that your efforts are not easily seen because you're cleaning a filthy stadium with a single toothbrush.