IOS 7 is on my iphone 5

So after waiting hours for the servers to clear up i have it on my device. Exactly what i thought. Totally different in the hand than what you see in pictures or on video. It feels great. The 3D elements are really cool. Transition and animations are awesome. You can feel the layers. I don't know how to explain it, but IOS feels like it has life. For the most part the Icons are not as bad as you think, BUT they look pretty weird next to other app icons. So that means developers are most definitely going to have to redesign their app icons to match IOS. Gruber was right on the money when he said polarizing. What most aren't getting is the OS changes according to your background color. Some people were worried it was girly. It's not at all. That just looked that way from the background.

There is no feeling of order within the icons as of yet. When i look at my ipad with ios6 compared to IOS 7 the eye feels order. Icons match as if they are from a set that are related to eachother. On the other hand when i look at my note 2 compared to the iphone it just feels like a new dynamic in color. It makes my note display look really muddy. I don't know where i totally stand on the icons and color yet. Need more time. I don't know if this was done on purpose or they just simply didn't have enough time to really get in what they wanted. We have to remember the change up only happened not too long ago. They haven't been working on this build for that long. It's not like this was years in the making or anything like that. Luckily the rest is incredible, and we know the icons can be changed. So if you want them changed, voice your opinions loud to apple and they will listen. This is the grown up IOS, and it's great.