Microsofties, justify Xbox One. Updated with my sum up

So, we all know what is happening around. I just want to take notes of the reasons why you would buy an Xbox One and for what reason you think it would sell well, please tell me why. Here are the reasons that the PlayStation 4 wins the Xbox One:

  1. Price. No further explanation.
  2. Hardware. Undeniably better hardware for cheaper price. It's just better value.
  3. Service. PlayStation 4 allows multiple players without subscription. Confirmed PS4 requires subscription for online multiplayer (We're not going to beat the dead horse PS4 outbreak)
  4. DRM restriction. Gamers just hate restriction, despite it is only once per 24 hours. Update: grking has interestingly precise comment.
  5. Share games/used games. Unbelievably hard for Xbox One. Sorry but sharing game is a common practice.
  6. Privacy concerns. The Kinect is akin to every single camera on laptops and tablets, yet people still fear.

Here are some common counter arguments:

  1. 100$ Price is for Kinect: Not all games need Kinect. Gamers want (potato couch) game and Kinect doesn't justify.
  2. Better exclusive: Subjective. I am more excited for Kingdom Heart 3 than Titanfall.
  3. TV functionalities: A nice add-on, but how will this suppose to attract hardcore gamers?

I think that Microsoft really should reconsiders its ambitions and policies. Lowering Price is MUST. Can't stress enough. Otherwise, I see no reason for the Xbox One to win over the PS4. I want to hear from fellow Microsofties though. I will update the thread accordingly to the response.

P.S. I find it is astonishingly amusing that people are thinking me getting the PS4. It shows how insecure fanboys are and it just light up flame wars, showing disrespect and their arrogant assumptions. I'm putting this thread up for discussion only and I want Xbox One to succeed. As for myself, I don't know what I am buying at the moment yet.

Update: Since there's a good brand loyalty within the tribe, I think I will limit the issue to the boarder view: Why would the larger audience choose X1 over PS4?

Sum up:

I think the price of the Xbox One is irrational even if the profit margins are low and Kinect is bundled. In no way should Xbox One be more expensive than PlayStation 4, including the scenario of subsidising (Cable bundles). The only way to ease gamers' minds now is undercutting the PlayStation 4 or at least match the price. Moreover, they should make games prices better, or create sales like Steam. The whole DRM fiasco is because they want to go digital while sticking with disks. They should also back-off from their 24-hours stance or explore offline-scenario DRM. I agree and support Microsoft on the used games DRM, they attracts developers (which means more games and that's what really matters). PlayStation 4 draws back (disc insertion DRM, multiple of other DRMs like Online Passes) and Xbox One advantages (10-person subscription sharing, digital disc-free libraries, good operating system with a broader ecosystem, media advantages) will surface and the customer will realise what is better when they are educated (by themselves with Microsoft's help). The stress I want to make is LOWERING THE PRICE so people consider Xbox One in the early-games. Strategically it creates a good starting customers base and shorten the 'realisation' time. - it will be a long while for people to make a switch after they decided.

Side-thought: This is a "machine" that covers both of TV and media spectrum and Hardcore gaming spectrum. But the other options for each spectrum is more lucrative (and cheaper) (Roku/PS4)