Where the women at? wwdc(white women don't care?)

I think the Verge owes gaming and Sony an apology for their actions a while back. I went through all the pics of wwdc and didn't see any women on stage. It was mostly, if not all, white men from the pictures. I'm not saying female gamers don't exist but Apple and google services are used by women more frequently then gaming consoles. Almost half of Apples iPhone user base is women. Female gaming is no where near 50% for PlayStation. Still no chicks on stage at I/O and WWDC, what gives?

I just feel like Sony was unfairly targeted for not adding women to their event. If anyone should be targeted, its Apple and Google.

Last thing I'm going to say is that my wife is an avid knitter. Most of the shops and conventions I have been to with her are 90%+ filled with women. There are men there but the are lrobably like me and are along for the ride. However, men knit. They do exist but that doesn't mean I should make a huge stink and go after vendors and store owners because they are not representing male knitting enthusiasts. I use this example because both gaming and knitting companies know their audience.