Perhaps you hate the change more than you hate the design



I have learned throughout the years of following Apple presentations and news that I should never, ever, judge at first sight. As an iPhone & iPad user I have grown on the iOS 6 design and although I do not think I completely love it, I have grown on it. For the past few years, simple tasks like writing a note or calling a friend have become second nature to me. The design of doing those basic tasks never changed. And, because I have seen the design so much, I did not love iOS 6 but I grew accustomed to it. It became familiar to me.

When I saw the iOS 7 design, I was shocked. Truly. I mean, apps like the Safari app and the mail app look like they were designed by 4 year olds with Adobe Illustrator! But then I looked closer and asked myself why I didn't like the designs. When I got to the iTunes App and the App Store app, I told myself that the apps were "too wide".

But it's not too wide.

I realized that the apps are just wider than the previous iOS 6 design. That's it. It's not obtrusively wide in my eyes; rather, it fits proportionally when I see the grid system used in iOS 7. And I must admit that when I opened up another image of the iOS 7 homescreen, after staring the 2 apps for a while, I didn't absolutely hate the design.

My point is that I don't think that many people really hate the actual design of iOS 7, instead I think people hate losing the familiarity with the previous versions of iOS they had grown accustomed to. I do not think that the familiarity feeling is love or admiration, it's just a familiarity - and that's my point of writing this. Give yourself a little extra time to grow, perhaps you will actually hate the design and switch to Android software but that's your choice. I am confident that I shall grow to be accustomed to this software as I did with the iOS 6 design