Will publishers favor the Xbox One?

I highly doubt that Microsoft placed the DRM restrictions just for the fun of it. I do believe that it was done for appeasing the publishers. Sony announced their lack of restrictions for the physical discs. Is this against the wishes of the publishers? Will they receive opposition for their decision?

I predict either two things: Microsoft will relent some of their restrictions or publishers will back Microsoft with their games. There's big space of time between now and November. If big name publishers start coming out and declaring exclusiveness for the Xbox One in spite of the PS4, the PS4's taste will sour in the mouths of the consumers. However that would be the extreme case. A lesser extreme case could be that publishers will give special treatment to the Xbox one: cheaper prices, exclusive dlc, free dlc, earlier launch dates,and special add-ons/features/interactions/minigames for smartglass and Kinect.

What do you think?

Also a bit of speculative conspiracy theory (Pay no mind if it doesn't piqué your interest):

Does anyone feel like the pricing for the ps4 was last minute to upper hand Microsoft. I personally think it was, and if it was true that would be folly. Sony can't afford to be undercutting. Their servers aren't the best and with the next gen era they will be spending a lot of money buying more servers and maintaining them. We all know Sony's security isn't the best and with the whole new emphasis on the cloud they better be putting their all of it into it. If my original query about whether publishers will be siding with Microsoft is true, they will need all the revenue they can get. Perhaps they've recognized this and that's why they require plus for online gaming to offset costs. But good luck to them. Microsoft doesn't fight to win battles they fight to win wars. However even though it literally pains my fan boy soul to admit this, Sony has put their best foot forward into the next gen. This will be close.