iOS 7 through the eyes of a normal person

So, my sister just got back from a trip and I took the opportunity to ask her opinion of iOS 7's redesign (after saying hello etc of course, I'm not a philistine), and imagine my surprise, she couldn't understand what had changed. I thought she'd at least notice that something was different! Apparently not.

Judging purely on the pictures on Apple's site, she thought it still looked "really nice". Probably more pertinently, she added that "Apple always has good design".

We on the tech journalism site may be treating this as a huge controversial move from Apple, but apparently there's at least one long time iPhone user on this planet who not only thinks this is an attractive home screen, but can't even register on a conscious level that anything whatsoever has been altered.

I'd like to ask then, is anybody out there in The Verge community able to reproduce these anecdotal results?