New MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Retina?

I have a real dilemma.

I was waiting for Apple to bump up the specs of the Retina MacBook Pro yesterday at WWDC to Haswell and all this other great stuff so that after 2 months without my own machine, (writing research papers and keynotes in the cloud was hell...) I could finally upgrade to my dream machine. Below I have the specs of what I'm considering buying as well as my possible uses. My largest requirement: not to buy a new Mac again for 7-8 years. I really just need this machine to last this next year and then four solid years of college. I had a terrible experience with the original MacBook Air so I'm extremely skeptical of it's high workload ability even though it has evolved considerably...
What I wanna do: Pages docs with lots of safari tabs open Edit (short) videos in FCPX Record screencasts Edit hi-res photos Play Minecraft, Maybe Diablo Use photoshop CS6 Run windows 7/8 in VM Ware or parallels
And most importantly: use this same machine for the next 7-8 years consistently.
Retina Macbook Spec: $2,599 (education discount) 15-inch model 2.7 Quad-Core 512GB SSD 16GB RAM 7 hour battery
MacBook Air Spec: $1,749 (education discount) 13-inch model (do kinda like this form factor more) 1.7 Dual Core (Haswell) 512GB SSD 8GB RAM 12 hour battery