iOS the good, the bad, and the ugly

Here's what I think of iOS so far in my short time interaction with iOS 7. Feels free to add your own.


  • I love how you can access spotlight from any page of the homescreen.
  • The back gesture is very nice.
  • I love how the screen slowly "wakes up" when you press the power button.
  • Multitasking animation is much much faster. However, with the screen shots you sometimes get outdated screenshots. I had safari switched to safari which showed the previous page I had open when in fact as always I had closed it before closing safari.
  • Notifications supposedly sync I don't know how well that works yet.
  • FaceTime has an app now.


  • It's very square. You get a notification it's just a rectangle. Rounded corners make it easier on the eyes, squared corners are harsher on the eyes. That's why Apple moved from the square On/OFF toggles to rounded ones. That's why iOS had rounded corners everywhere.
  • I'm not sold on the font choice. Don't get me wrong Helvetica Neue is beautiful but using ultra light font on a 4 inch display? I don't think that's a good idea.
  • Sharing remains broken. First the problem is you are restricted to services Apple provides and second they are inconsistent from one app to another.
  • What the hell happened to Game Center? How are 4 bubbles representative of games? And would you look at those aqua bubbles it feels like 2001 welcome to OS X introduction people.
  • I have a feeling that I will be accessing the Control Center quite a bit and mostly accidentally when scrolling.
  • No swipe to delete for reminders or notes. Also reminders and notes still don't have feature parity to OS X.


  • I finally figured out what's wrong with the icons. They are too rounded. That's why they look so amateurish. Icons need a lot of work gradients are harsh. The reminders icon looks off center.
  • There's so much wasted space in folders. You can only see 9 apps at once.
  • Welcome back Windows Aero. Microsoft removed it and Apple added it! It's supposed to give you a sense of place as if you can get lost in two layers of the OS. I would much rather have linen.
  • Newsstand now looks exactly like those magazine apps that kinda sorta have shelves.
  • Inconsistencies are everywhere. I am willing to cut Apple some slack considering this is only beta one. But look at the icons at the bottom of the share sheet like copy, add to homescreen etc now look at the icons at the bottom of the control center? Somewhere we have outlines somewhere we have black icons. Sometimes we get a trash can to delete sometimes we get a button that says delete.