OK.. iOS 7 is boring, inconsistent, ugly and overall isn't exciting. But In my View Jelly bean wasn't exciting too!!

Android desperately needed UI makeover from Gingerbread and Ice cream sandwich provided just that. Suddenly, every single thing on Android like, menus, Multitasking, 720p resolution, face lock, Resizable widgets, Notification center & even the very basic thing like people & dialer started to look beautiful and I decided it was time to ditch my N8 & get a Galaxy Nexus.

I liked Android ICS so much that, I decided to import Galaxy Nexus into my country since it was not officially released by Samsung, fearing it will cripple the sales of Galaxy S2 at that time. I couldn't have been more happier with my stunningly looking Galaxy Nexus running ICS.

Then came Android 4.1, 4.1.1, 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2 and frankly speaking I don't think Android has changed much after ICS. Ofcourse, we got things like project butter, lock screen widgets etc, but none of that really made me as happy as an ICS update. In fact on the contrary, the battery life has deteriorated with every new update. My Galaxy Nexus running ICS was already fast as hell and I didn't like the concept of lock screen widgets at all. I hated it so much that, the first thing I installed after updating to Android 4.2 was an app called "lockscreen policy", which disabled both blinking lines on the sides of lock screen & lock screen widgets.

Seriously people, what new has Google brought to the table after ICS or rather from October 2011? Ofcourse, Gmail & Google+ have recieved major overhauls but I still dont use them & they cannot be called as OS updates as well.

or may be it was just that ICS was too good of an update, which would mean Google will need some time to bring in such kind of Makeover again?