Happy for Sony but what did Sony innovate other than bumping PS3 specs?

Disclaimer : I'm a happy owner of PS3 and have quite some money spent on PS games over the years and most probably buying a PS4. So trolls can keep out.

I'm happy that Sony nailed E3. But...

  • They really didn't do anything. It was basically Microsoft shooting itself in foot.
  • Seeing the PS4, all I see is just an upgraded PS3. Seriously, this is what Sony has been working for 5+ years?
  • Why in world PS Eye is not even provided as a bundle option? At the moment, Kinect has the casual and kids market covered whereas PS Eye is just a sorry story for Sony.
  • Where is the Smartglass equivalent of PS? I'm absolutely mad at this. Even Nintendo has one. Don't even try to justify Remote Play as equivalent. We all know what it is. It's just not the purpose of another accessory, it enables the console to be an entertainment device.

Basically, Sony did f*** all IMO, but they had common sense and maintained status quo which satisfies gamers. But they could have done hell of a more in addition and won over lot more Xbox users. What your opinions are?