Hey Apple? I kinda wanted a Haswell Pro.

My MacBook Pro is a little over two years now. I've taken fairly good care of it: there's a small dent on the speaker grill, and recently, after being left in my backpack for a weekend while I wasn't using it, the frame around the bottom of the disc drive bent inwards. I wish I knew how it happened, but it did. Disc drive still works fine though.

All this said, it's been running pretty slow over the past few weeks and I'm thinking it's time to upgrade, especially since I'm headed to college next year. I would just get one of the new MacBook Airs (cause, damn, all day battery life), but I'm going for video production and I need to be able to run apps like Premiere and After Effects like I can right now. I also do some light gaming on my 15" Pro (mainly League of Legends and Minecraft), so it's nice to have that 15" screen. I could never edit properly on anything smaller than what I have now (I plan on getting a monitor for my dorm anyway), but I still think I need the power the rMBP has over the Air.

So now I'm stuck. If Apple announced Haswell Pros in September, I miss out on their back to school deals (I think it's normally like $50 or $100 in iTunes credit, which would be pretty nice).

I'm also asking for advice - what do you guys think I should do? Wait til September? Buy an Air? Buy a rMBP without Haswell? Or buy a Windows PC? (I doubt you'll recommend it, but hey, I used to run Windows and I don't mind it.)